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Dell Dimension 2200 Replacement Motherboard System Upgrade

Dell Dimension 2200 Replacement Motherboard System Upgrade



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Product Description

- CPU: AMD Sempron 3000+
- Memory: 1 GB of DDR or DDR2 Memory Included (Supports up to 2 GB's)
- Audio: 6 Channel Onboard
- Video: 3D Graphics Onboard
- Ethernet: 10/100 Lan
- Form-Factor: Micro-ATX
- Designed by Axitron

Please note: May require reinstallation of windows for motherboard to work properly.

Important Information:
Upgrade your Dell Dimension 2200 system into this new Barebone system by Axitron. Whether your system has stopped functioning or you are just looking to upgrade, this system is for you!! The Axitron system comes with 1 GB of memory standard and features integrated video, audio, and 10/100 Lan. Transfer your hard drive, drives, configure your windows and you're good to go! The system is fully upgradeable and includes a motherboard manual and drivers cd.

Upgrade/Replacement for:
Dell Dimension 2200

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