Computer Recycling Drop-off locations in Henderson and Las Vegas:

CPUtopia Computer Recycling                             Blind Center of Nevada           
7485 Commercial Way #160B                                 1001 N. Bruce Street
Henderson, NV 89011                                              Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Nations role in E-waste

Africa, India and China are on top of the list when we talk of e-waste recipients. The waste collected in America and other countries are shipped to these countries. If these products are discarded by blazing, there are possibilities that chemicals like mercury, silicon, cadmium will destroy the echo systems of the countries. If these products are left as they are, they are still very dangerous. Many infectious diseases are spread from e-waste and improper discarding of electronics. Although, most of the blame of such activities is put on the governments of the countries who are either exporting or importing them, the truth is that every citizen as well as manufacturing companies are involved in this process. What you can do to prevent e-waste to protect your environment and family?