Data Recovery & Backup

Is your pc down and you are trying to recover the data on your Hard Drive? Have one of your employees mistakenly deleted an important document? When it comes to recovering important files, you do not want to risk taking your pc to an amateur technicians or attempt to do this on your own. In many cases, improper recovery can in fact make the issue worse. You must understand that time is of the essence with data recovery. The more you operate a hard drive in the PC, the less likely you are to recover that information that is lost as the data can be written over.

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At CPUtopia, we specialize in data recovery for computers and laptops of all brands. Whether it be documents for your business, excel sheets, family photos, music library, we will work our hardest to make sure those files are recovered in the safest manner possible. We know how important your data is and how vital it is to conduct data recovery the right way to prevent data loss forever. Bring your computer to us for an initial diagnostic which is free. Once we have an idea of the extent of recovery needed, we can find the best solution for you. For cases in which software recover is not possible, we also work closely with a clean-room recovery facility. At this facility, your hard drive can be opened in the proper manner to have the cylinders scanned to extract the data. As this type of service is sometimes pricey, we recommend bringing your hard drive down for an estimate first.

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