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Dell Part Number N350N-00 400W Power Supply Replacement

Dell Part Number N350N-00 400W Power Supply Replacement



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- 400W Power Supply Replacement PSU
- Quiet/Low-noise Operation
- Support 6-pin Auxiliary Cable
- Highly Efficient
- Over Power and Voltage Protection
- Designed by Athena Power

Depth: 4"; Height 3.25"; Width x 5.75"

Replacement for Dell PC Models:
Dell Part Number N350N-00
Dell Part Number: CN-0C4849-17972
Compatible: CN-0C4849-17972-45S-0GDU, 2n333 (4G456) K2946 NPS-250KB-B (NPS-250KB) / NPS-305HB A / N 305P-05 / N350N-00 / HP-P1457F3 HP-P2507F3B / HP-P2507F3C / HP-P2507F3CP / HP-P2507F3P / HP-D2537F3R/ F4284 / X2634/ Y2682/ C4849 / G4265 / ps-6311-1ds, More.

This power unit has one (1) 20+4 ATX connector, three (3) peripheral power connectors, one (1) floppy drive connector, one (1) ATX12V connector, three (3) SATA connectors, one (1) PCI-Express, one (1) auxiliary power connector, one (1) 4-pin HP Video connector, and one (1) 6-pin Dell P6:      


1. The power supply supports ATX 20 Pin and 24 Pin Motherboards (20+4 Connector).

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