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Dimension 4600 H267K2946 K258250W Replacement Power Supply

Dimension 4600  H267K2946 K258250W Replacement Power Supply



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Product Description

- 400W Power Supply Replacement PSU so can support more devices
- Highly Efficient
- Over Power and Voltage Protection
- Designed by Athena Power

Depth: 4"; Height 3.25"; Width x 5.75"

Replacement for:
Many Hipro Models. Upgrade to this replacement.

Dell PC Models:
H2678 8X949 0N380 M0148 K2946 K2583


Dimension B110 1100 2200 2300 2350 2400 3000 4300 4400 4500 4550 4600 8200 8250 8300 and Optiplex Tower GX50 GX150 GX60 GX150 160L 170L GX240 GX260 Gx270. Identical Part Numbers F0894 H2678 2Y054 N2286 8X949 M1608 0N380 M0148 K2946 K2583

This power unit has one (1) 20+4 ATX connector, one (1) ATX12V connector, three (3) SATA power connectors, four (4) peripheral power connectors, one (1) auxiliary power connector, and one (1) floppy drive connector:      

1. The power supply supports ATX 20 and 24 Pin Motherboards (20+4-pin Connector).

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