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What you can do to prevent

E-waste is one of the most threatening forces of the present and future. What can you do to prevent e-waste? Well the answer to this question is quite simple, do not over do gadget shopping. The average US citizen switches out their mobile phones approximately every 16 months. Keep in mind this is an estimate of the average person.  Some may switch out more often. The ratio is far greater for wealthier persons who sometimes use a gadget for a 1 to 2 month time period. Apart from mobile phones, other objects like TVís, MP3 players, DVD, sound systems and all such other electronics are replaced very frequently as well.

1. Buy when you need

This is the golden rule when it comes of prevention of e-waste. It is common practice that people buy electronics regularly without even bothering to think do they really need any new gadget or is it just a way to show off. Be careful while shopping and buy electronic items only when you need them. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to prevent e-waste.

2. Donate

Now if you really need the new product and you are thinking of throwing the original away, think again. There are plenty of charitable institutes, and recycling organizations that will be glad to take your old electronics. By donating your old electronics, you will not only take an active part in reduction of e-waste but will also support organizations that need your help.

3. Be Creative

There are plenty of things you can do with your old electronics. For example, you can convert your old iPod to a portable hard drive or turn your old floppy disks into a nice rack or something similar. Just use your creative side and shock your friends by showing off your artistic capabilities! This skill will help you reuse your old gadgets and possibly create some very fun and interesting things. It also can serve you as a hobby, a unique hobby indeed, that will not prevent extra e-waste production but will also fill your spare time with some technical and creative work.

4. Sort out your needs

Instead of buying a new item the minute it is out in the market, research the product to choose a quality product that you can stick to for a longer while. Those who buy new gadgets and electronic appliances very frequently are ones who are actually promoting e-waste the most. Before buying new appliances, check out whether the product you are buying contain all of the specifications that you need.

5. BuyBack Programs

There are many companies that have created buy-back programs for their customers. These companies give you opportunity to replace your old appliances with new ones. Recently, Sony has started a campaign, in which they offer you to give back your old Sony appliances, it is not necessary that you must buy new one. This kind of practice encourages customers to get rid of e-waste in a more applicable way and doing less harm to the environment.

6. Recycle

Last but not the least, the best thing you can do to prevent e-waste is to recycle old appliances. There are organizations that take your old electronics from mobile phones, batteries, and all other appliances. They recycle these appliances and use them in much beneficial ways that throwing them in the trash to end up in a landfill.

Hopefully, through this article answers many of your questions on what you can do to prevent e-waste. So if you find the article interesting and helpful then it is suggested to follow the mentioned advice and share your experience with your near and dears.