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Is your computer not turning on? Is your computer running unusually slow? Are you getting blue-screens or crashes? At CPUtopia, we specialize in computer repair. Our technicians are experts in their field and have repaired hundreds of computers and notebooks. We also stock thousands of parts of all make and models on-site.

We offer remote repair services:

- Virus Removal - Spyware Removal
- Installation of Device Drivers - Software Installation
- Setting Configurations - PC Tutoring

We sell replacement parts for:
Acer, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Apple, Sony and more.

In-Store Repair: CPUtopia Process

When you bring your PC into any of our stores, we provide the same level of care to each and every computer we repair.

At CPUtopia, it is our policy to back up your data before beginning any of the intricate work required to repair your computer. The reason is simply, we know how precious data can be to our clients, and we strive to please our customers. Please make sure to notify us of any data or files you need backed up prior beginning the repair process.

After data retrieval, our highly qualified technicians begin the diagnostic process. This comprises of checking for various malfunctioning hardware. Components and peripherals are thoroughly inspected and tested for normal functionality. If your computer is found a suspect to hardware failure, you will be notified as to what malfunctioned and recommended a replacement.

After diagnosing your computer, our experts begin the process off repairing your operating system. This includes but is not limited to removing all viruses, and correcting any damage they have inflicted on the fragile operating system. In some extreme cases, the infection causes to much damage and we must erase your hard drive and reinstall your operating system from scratch.

Once your operating system has been restored, we begin to make sure you have the most accurate and latest drivers. A driver is software that controls a device in your computer. Whether it be a printer, disk drive, or keyboard, every device has drivers that identify it in your operating system. If the driver is inaccurate or old, it can cause a series of problems that often result in what is commonly called the blue screen of death (BSOD). CPUtopia technicians take great care in making sure your operating system is functioning to optimal specifications.

Of course no computer is complete without the newest updates from your operating system. Updates play an integral role in keeping your computer safe from pesky hackers. From time to time, operating system writers find “holes” or glitches in their programs. These are often exploited by hackers and malicious software to gain access to your important data. Microsoft regularly releases fixes or patches for those “holes” called Updates.

If you want your computer to run faster, ask for a recommendation on a memory upgrade.

Call us at 702-982-4361 or email sales@cputopia.com.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What brands do you carry?
Answer: We carry replacement and brand-name models for eMachines, Dell, Gateway, IBM, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, Acer, Bestec, and most of the major computer parts brands.

2. My computer is not functioning. I'm not sure what I need. What should I do?
Answer: You can contact us by phone or email to determine what parts you need to repair your computer. We have computer experts on staff who can make the best diagnosis based on the information you give them. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with all major computer brands and parts.

3. Where do you ship from?
Answer: We are based in the Henderson, NV. Most of our orders ship out from this location.


4. I'm not technically savvy. Do you offer computer repair?
Answer: We offer computer service and repair to Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, and Boulder City locals at our store in Henderson. We repair all brands of PC, Laptops, and Notebooks. We also offer remote repair around the USA. Give us a call or come down to our store if you have any questions.

5. How much do you charge for computer repair?
Answer: We charge a flat rate of $60 at our store. That includes installation of parts (ie Power Supply, Hard Drive, Motherboard, memory, or drives), OS fixes, virus/spyware removal, slow performance, freeze ups, backup service, hardware conflicts, internet connection, hardware conflicts, and printing problems. If there are parts needed to complete the repair, you pay the additional cost of the parts. If there are no parts needed, just $60 for the service!

6. How do I find the right power supply for my PC?
Answer: The best way is to type your model into the search field on the CPUtopia website. Our advanced search feature allows you to do a long-tail search for the item or part you are looking for. When choosing a power supply, take note of the dimension and compare to the dimensions listed in the item description. You want to make sure the dimensions are very similar. The depth can sometimes be a smaller value on some power supply units. This is done by power supply manufacturers for greater compatibility. If everything else matches, but the depth is smaller on the replacement, you should still be okay. Also make sure that you have enough connectors (ie 4-pin Molex, SATA, PCI-express, etc.) to match your system's needs. There are add-on options on the power supplies that let you add additional connectors if necessary. Always compare your power supply to the one in the picture. It might not be exactly the same, but it will give you an idea of how it compares to your original PSU.

7. How do I prevent my computer from getting a virus or spyware?
Answer: Viruses and Spyware are normally caused by file transfer. There's no 100% full-proof method to prevent yourself from getting a virus other than to not transfer files or connect to the internet. For most, that is not feasible. Virus and Spyware protection software is available that goes a long way to prevent you from getting a virus. Always practice caution when visiting online websites and downloading attachment files through your email. These are the most common way to obtain a virus/spyware. Protect yourself by not visiting questionable websites or smaller websites that are not protected. You can have one antivirus program installed on your computer. For spyware, you can run multiple programs. Normally a combination of the anti-spyware software work best as different ones are better at removing the different types of spyware.

8. What program do you recommend to protect against Virus or Spyware?
Answer: There are many major brands that offer great software. For virus and spyware protection, we normally recommend Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Eset Nod32.  AVG and Avira are also good ones. There are some built into windows such as Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows Vista and 7. MSE is not installed on Windows XP. You can download for free if you have XP from the Microsoft website.