Dual Pro DeltaView Reader and Software - USB

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Dual Pro DeltaView Reader and Software - USB

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Brand Dual Pro
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Pro Charging Systems has developed and brought to market an innovative new product that enables users to collect, view and analyze data from PCS chargers using sophisticated serial bitstream technology. Utilizing the company's new DeltaView� Reader, users can wirelessly query PCS battery chargers to easily collect data in just a matter of seconds and then analyze the data using the companion DeltaView� software provided as part of the product. The DeltaView� software automatically generates the historical charging data into graphical presentations that can be adapted to display a variety of information based on the user's needs.�

COLLECT, VIEW and ANALYZE data from your PCS battery chargers.

� Wireless and easy to use
� Utilizes serial bitstream technology

This advanced technology allows you to monitor the condition of your batteries and the performance of your chargers.

ITS AS EASY AS 1,2,3...

1) Place the DeltaView� Reader over the charger’s green LED. When aligned a red blinking LED illuminates on the DeltaView� Reader.

2) The LED will then blink green for about 15 seconds indicating that data is being read. When
complete the LED will change to solid green.

3) Plug the DeltaView� Reader into a USB computer port and transfer the data into the software for
easy to understand graphical presentations.