Power Supply Replacement for Emachines eTower 366is


Power Supply Replacement for Emachines eTower 366is

  • Brand:Gulfe
  • Condition:new
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Brand Gulfe
MPN 366is

- Upgrade to a 400W Power Supply
- One (1) 20+4 ATX power connector (supports 20-pin and 24-pin)
- One (1) 12V P4 ATX power connector (4-pin)
- Four (4) large power connectors (4-pin)
- Two (2) SATA power connectors
- One (1) PCI-Express power connector (6-pin)
- One (1) small power connector (4-pin)
- One (1) 4-pin HP Power
- Quiet/Low-noise Operation
- Highly Efficient
- Over Power and Voltage Protection
- Designed by Athena Power

Depth: 4.75"; Height 2.5"; Width x 5"

Great Replacement for these Models:
eTower 533id
eTower 533id2
eTower 533ir
eTower 566i
eTower 566i2
eTower 566ir
eTower 566irx
eTower 266
eTower 300
eTower 300c
eTower 300k
eTower 333c
eTower 333cs
eTower 333i
eTower 333id
eTower 333k
eTower 366c
eTower 400idx
eTower 366c
eTower 400ix
eTower 366i
eTower 366i2
eTower 366id
eTower 366is
eTower 400i
eTower 400i2
eTower 400i3
eTower 400id
eTower 433i
eTower 466i
eTower 466id
eTower 466is
eTower 466ix
eTower 500i
eTower 500id
eTower 500idx
eTower 500is
eTower 500ix
eTower 500ix2
eTower 533i

DC Output:

Load Max
+3.3V 16A
+5V 21A
+12V 21A
-5V 0.5A
-12V 0.8A
+5VSB 2.5A

This power unit has one (1) 20+4 ATX connector, Four (4) peripheral power connectors, one (1) floppy drive connector, one (1) ATX12V connector, two (2) SATA connectors, one (1) PCI-Express, one (1) 4-pin HP Video connector